How to get iMessage on Mac: Beginners Guide

how to get iMessage on Mac

iMessage is widely used among iPhone users, and it is specially made by Apple company. If you are new and looking for how to get iMessage on Mac, then keep on reading till the end. iMessage is an extremely accepted application by iOS and Android users.

iMessage is an iOS application but due to the best features and options, Android users also love it. You will learn how to get iMessage on Mac by referring this iMessage guide for beginners. People prefer to send and receive messages with iMessage application. It is fully rich with top features but it also is an encrypted app. If you are using MacOS, you will most likely get excited to have iMessage on your Mac. You can connect with your friends who have enabled iMessage all the time.

How to get iMessage on Mac:

At the very first step, you have to open the Messages app and you need to log in with your Apple ID. When you want to experience iMessage without any fault, you have to sign in with the same ID you are using on your other devices. How to get iMessage on Mac is basically the most common phrase people keep on searching for;

how to get iMessage on Mac

  • The first step needs you to launch Messages app and sign in with your Apple Id and password on your Mac.
  • Note: You may also require to add a verification code if you have set any two-factor authentication for your Apple.
  • In the next step, you need to click on Messages and select Preferences in the Menu bar.
  • In step 3, click on the Accounts tab and choose a phone number and email address that you want to have access.

how to get iMessage on Mac

  • After completing these steps you can start chatting with your friends.

How to Start a Conversation on iMessage:

After completing all the steps of how to get iMessage on Mac, when you want to start a conversation with your friends or family, you need to follow some simple steps.

How to Add a Phone Number to iMessage on Mac 

how to get imessage on mac

  • In the first step click on write new message icon which is located at the top of the messages window.
  • Type the recipient’s name, email address, or phone number in the address bar. If you don’t remember the address then you can search it in your contact list by clicking on plus button. If you want to start chatting with more than one person you can add more recipients.
  • Type your message in the given bar at the bottom of the window and press Return to send the message. You can also add emoji by clicking on the smiley icon.
  • In order to add a file or image in the message, you can simply drag it to the message field or paste it. There is also an option to record audio and by clicking on microphone icon you can do this.
  • Click on Details once you started a conversation, and you will see it in the corner of the window to put multiple actions. It includes:

how to get imessage on mac

  • Choosing do not disturb notifications regarding this conversation.
  • Using FaceTime when you want to have an audio or video call
  • You can also see the location if the recipient is sharing their location.
  • You can simply review all of the files and images you have shared in your conversations.
  • You can add a name to your group, add members to your group, or also can leave the group.


how to get imessage on mac

These were the simple steps you can easily follow to solve the query of how to get iMessage on Mac. Try to improve your knowledge and keep yourself updated!

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