How to get iMessage on Mac: Beginner’s Guide

Do you know how to get iMessage on Mac? iMessage is widely used among iPhone users, and it is specifically made by Apple company. You will find an answer on how to get iMessage on Mac, so keep on reading till the end. iMessage is an extremely accepted application not only by iOS users but Android users as well.

iMessage is an iOS application, and it has lots of best features that grab the attention of Android users as well. For more details, you can check out a detailed iMessage guide for beginners. iPhone users like to send and receive messages with iMessage application. It is fully enriched with great features but it is an encrypted app. If you are using macOS, you will most likely get excited to have iMessage on your Mac. You can connect with your friends who enabled iMessage all the time.

How to Get iMessage on Mac

On your Mac, it is easy to send and receive text messages, you can even get text messages from those who don’t have iPhones. Here is how to get iMessage on Mac:

How to Get iMessage on Mac – Steps to Follow

Follow the steps given below to send iMessage from your Mac.

  • Go to the Messages icon at the bottom of the screen. It will be a blue bubble. Or use a command to search “Cmd + Space bar” and type Messages.
  • Sign in with your Apple ID that linked with your iPhone.
  • Choose the new message icon. You may find it beside the Search field.
  • Place your cursor in the To: field and add the phone number or email address for the friend you want to contact.
  • Press Enter.
  • On the other hand, if you already have synced your Contacts with your Mac, you must be able to click on the + sign to add people from your Contacts.
  • Your friend will get a blue box if he/she has an iPhone.
  • It shows they will get your text as an iMessage that is sent through the servers of Apple.

If your friend can receive iMessage, simply add your message in the field marked iMessage. When you are finished press return to send it.

Once you have logged into your Apple ID in Messages on your Mac, you can get iMessages that your friends sent with iPhone. The messages will show on your iPhone so there will be continuity.

How to Set Up Messages on the Mac?

  • Launch Messages from desktop, or application folder.
  • Add your Apple ID, email address, and password. If your two-factor authentication is turned on, enter the code.
  • Go to Messages > Preferences.

how to get imessage on mac

  • Choose the Accounts tab.

how to get imessage on mac

  • Select the phone number and email address that you want to use.
  • Select which phone number or email address people see when you start a new conversation.

How to Start a Conversation on iMessage?

Once you complete all the steps given above to get iMessage on Mac, you can start a conversation with your friends or family. Follow the steps given below to start a conversation.

  • Tap on Write a New message Icon located at the top of the messages window.
  • Type the recipient’s name, email address, or phone number in the address bar. You can find the address in your contact list by clicking on the “+” button. If you want to start chatting with more than one person you can add more recipients.
  • Type your message in the given bar and press Return to send the message. You can also add emoji by clicking on the Smiley icon.
  • To add a file or image in the message, simply drag it to the message field or paste it. There is also an option to record audio by clicking on the microphone icon.
  • Click on Details once you started a conversation, and you will see it in the corner of the window to put multiple actions.

These actions include:

  • Do not disturb notifications selection regarding this conversation.
  • Using FaceTime when you want to have an audio or video call
  • You can also see the location of the recipient is sharing their location.
  • Simply review all of the files and images you have shared in your conversations.
  • Add a name to your group, add members to your group, or also can leave the group.

Over to You 

These were the simple steps for you to solve the query of how to get iMessage on Mac. The application iMessage has fully trapped its users. Make sure to know everything about what you are working on.

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