How to Get iMessage on PC? Is that Possible?

How to Get iMessage on PC

Well, Apple has made it easier for iOS users to easily continue their chats on Mac, where they left last time on their iPhone. With Handoff, iOS users can connect the iPhone, iPad, or Mac with iCloud, and it makes it convenient for users to enjoy chatting. It is almost compatible with all devices, so don’t worry about it. 

On the other hand, when it comes to iPhone users who own Linux or Windows laptops or computers, they have to find some alternative. The handoff trick is not available for Windows or Linux-based computers. 

However, we have some other ways that can help Windows users that answers how to get iMessage on PC. 

What is Useless?

Do you know, unlike all advanced messaging apps that have online browser-based services, iMessage does not have? 

Android users often want to avail this service, but they are not lucky enough in this case. Apple, since its launch, has really strict rules and policies of security and privacy. Similar to this, Apple puts all of the efforts to limit iMessage to its own service except others.

What is Useful? 

For Windows and Linux users, there are a few options to avail if they want to send and receive iMessages but don’t want to buy an Apple computer. 

Before that, let’s have a look at how iMessage works exactly. 

How iMessage Works? 

Back in 2012, iMessage launched and stocked up in the Mountain Lion Mac OS 10.0. since that time, the Messaging app of Apple allows its users to choose conversations on Mac right from where they left off on iPhone or iPad.

It is a plus point for iOS users that iMessage is completely a free app, and everyone with activated iMessage account on iDevices and Macs can use it.

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Here’s How to Get iMessage on PC 

Now, let’s move on to find the answer to how to get iMessage on PC. 

1. Chrome Remote Desktop Method 

You can use iMessage for PC with Google Chrome easily. With this method, you can access another computer remotely with the help of the Chrome browser. For this, you need a Mac and a Windows device at the same time to have iMessage on PC. 

Follow the steps given below to get iMessage on PC: 

  • Download the Chrome browser and Chrome Remote Desktop on your Windows computer and Mac. Now, you need to install the apps. 
  • In the next step, download and install Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer on your Mac computer only. 
  • Next, you have to connect the Windows computer and Mac with the security code of Chrome Remote Desktop. 
  • All set! Now, you can enjoy iMessage on your Windows PC. 

Isn’t it simple? 

Sure it is. Now, let’s move on to the next method we have found for you. 

2. Use a Free Emulator 

iPadian is a free emulator. People like to use Android apps on Windows by using Android emulators. Also, keep in mind that iOS emulators are available in the market that allows you to run iOS apps on Windows. 

You may need to follow the steps given below to have an emulator on your PC finally. It will help you enjoy iMessage on Windows PC. 

  • On your PC, you have to download and install the free iPadian emulator. 
  • Check on the terms and conditions of the emulator and start it.  
  • Click on “iMessage” in the given search bar to find the downloaded app. 
  • Install and run the iMessage for Windows.
  • All set! Now, you can access the iMessage on PC freely.

The ways mentioned above are considered easy; now, we are going to move another method called jailbreaking. 

3. Access iMessage on PC with Jailbreaking 

Are you familiar with the term jailbreaking? 

You can jailbreak your iPhone to access iMessage on your PC. Let’s understand what it is.

What is Jailbreaking? 

In this process, you can replace the real iOS version with the latest edited operating system that gives more options than the stock one. You will experience different look and feel of your iDevice. When you have a device with a jailbreak, you clearly have direct access to multiple custom add-ons, tweaks, and app that you cannot access right from the official App Store of Apple. 

When the jailbreaking process starts, lots of customized features of Android will iOS have.  

One of them is having access to iMessage with the connection of the internet. Later on, you may even restore the factory settings of the iPhone. 

Does It has any Risks? 

Before you finally decide to jailbreak your iPhone, you should clearly understand that jailbreaking is strictly not allowed for your iDevices. It does not matter which iDevice you have; I will never recommend it. 

In this process, your warranty and additional purchased AppleCare+ will be canceled automatically. Moreover, your device is at risk of brick that ultimately puts you in great trouble in terms of planted malware and lots of bugs.

Are You Still Interested in Jailbreaking? 

If you are not afraid of having risks while jailbreaking your iDevice, you can follow the procedure at your own risk.

With jailbreaking, you can simply access Cydia, an alternative App Store for iDevices with jailbreak. You must understand that Cydia is not a simple app that you can access easily from the App Store. 

You can access it only by using a tool such as Pangu, TaiG, etc. with this procedure; you can personalize your iDevice according to your needs. You can even have access to the apps that Apple does not allow, including tweaks such as lock screen personalization, changing the default apps, additional 3D Touch, UI adjustments, and lots more. 

Above all, jailbreaking allows you to get iMessage on PC.  

So, how would you jailbreak your iDevice? 

How Would You Jailbreak Your iDevice? 

Don’t forget to have a full backup of your iDevice before you start this procedure. You may keep the backup files in the Cloud or somewhere on your computer. 

After you successfully have a backup, you can now restore the iDevice with iTunes. It is necessary because when your device is clean, you will have good results during this process. 

In the next step, try downloading software of jailbreaking on your PC or Mac. Now, you can run the software and try following the instructions for further proceedings. 

Find Cydia from the internet and download it. 

Cydia will be your jailbroken app store. Now, try purchasing the app named Remote Messages. With this app, you can access iMessage from devices of all kinds. 

All you need is just the authentication credentials, as well as the IP address of your iPhone on any browser. Now, you need to log in for full access to iMessage.  

Wrapping Up

Apple does not allow to use its services or apps on any other platform other than Apple itself. However, some of the users still anticipate that Apple may launch some alternative version of iMessage that can be used with all devices and operating systems. 

No doubt, it is an ideal messaging service that can be used for any purpose. Well, nobody knows when that day will come, so till then, we have to use other alternatives to get iMessage on PC or Android.  

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