How to Use iMessage on Android

How to Use iMessage on Android

You must have noticed that if anybody uses iPhone, he will continue using iPhone and will never switch to the Android phone. iPhone has introduced the most amazing applications for iOS users. But in reality, Android is also winning the race of more users. How to use iMessage on Android is the common question Android users keep on asking.

How to Use iMessage on Android

A very young 16-year-old app developer Roman Scott developed the weMessage app as the answer of how to use iMessage on Android. weMessage allows you to use iMessage on your Android phones or tablets. Yet there are lots of other ways to use iMessage on Android such as using an app connected with Mac as a server. It can pass on messages to the Android device easily to experience iMessage on Android. Technically it is not supported. Developers got their solutions blocked by software updates from Apple.

But the developer Roman is committed to continuing with the app updates and aimed to never let it down. weMessage actually has lots of features of iMessage such as group chats, voice messages, image, video attachments, read receipts and lots more.

Well some features of iMessage still have no access to the weMessage app, but Roman the developer trying to access those features too. New iMessage features are coming soon with the weMessage app. The app has only one drawback and that is you need to set up a weServer on Mac computer for the proper working of the system. Unluckily, if you don’t have any Mac, iMac, or MacBook, you will not be able to enjoy the iMessage on Android using weMessage.

How to use iMessage on Android is actually not that easy. It is truly a complex procedure. When you use the Terminal app in Mac OS to install the weServer, you will be pretty comfortable.

weMessage Features

weMessage supports directly one to one messages and group messaging, as well as you can rename, add or remove people from group chats! You have the option to send and receive audio, images, or videos by using attachment selections. You can also generate direct voice messages or images taken from your camera.

how to use imessage on android

You can set weMessage as the default SMS and MMS messaging app on your phone. This app can be used as a universal messenger solution. You can use weMessage for texting even when you don’t have iMessage or Mac.

You can make settings of contact names, pictures, and even a group chat icon can be set according to your choice. You can also sync your contacts and make them safe. The encryption standard for the U.S. government AES cryptography is used to send and receive your messages.

Requirements for weMessage Setup

  • You need an iMessage account
  • A MacOS computer that has Yosemite (10.10) or higher
  • An Android Device that runs Lollipop (5.0) or higher
  • Java 7 or higher

Installing weServer

First of all download weServer 1.2.0 version, and extract the archive file. Click on run.command and you are required to enter your iMessage email and password. Make it sure that you have entered the same ID that is being used by your iMessage. You can change password whatever you want. You weServer will start after these steps.

How to Use iMessage on Android

Once your weServer start running, open the weMessage app and enter an IP address, email, and a password. You can also add a failover AP address that is optional. When you want to access your weServer without any personal Wi-Fi network, you will require port forward. If you are doing it for the very time, you may find it a little tricky.

How to Get iMessage on Mac 

Each modem has different setting options for port forwarding. Your router must be matched with the port your weServer will run on. Once your port forward is done you need to get your public IP address. Once you successfully connect weServer to your Android device, you are all set. You can now simply send and receive messages. For best results, you should keep your weServer running 24/7. Your Mac should also active when you want to send and receive messages.

weServer 1.2.0 version

Contact Sync is a great feature in weMessage that enables you to import all of your contacts on the Mac computer to your Android device. You can set your contact pictures, group chat names available on your list.

Lots of commands are available on weMessage, and you can utilize them when you want to make specific procedures easy. You also have the opportunity to reset your login information, view history and send messages.

After reading this article you will definitely get an answer for How to use iMessage on Android. weMessage is the best alternative to iMessage for Android users. Keep yourself updated with each detail about iMessage guide.

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