iMessage for Android: Alternative to Get iMessage on Android

iMessage for Android

iMessage for Android: Apple has made distinctive apps and software which are only reserved for iPhone, Mac and iPad users. Android users also enjoy the best apps and software for different purposes. iMessage is known as one of the major differences between iPhone and Android devices. Yes, it is really a big surprise for the fans of iMessage Android users.

iMessage for Android can be easily approachable if you are using the right tools for it. Though it is not an Android service but it is accessible for Android users with a different kind of software. If you are looking for the answer of how to get iMessage on Android then don’t panic because you can easily find one with the help of right software, right kind of computer and some technological sense. You can actually set up iMessage on Android phone.

When you are looking for iMessage on Android, you must have come across with different unofficial ways and apps in this course of time, which claims to present iMessage for Android, but you should never go to them because they are all fake. Sometimes these apps put a virus in your device that can be dangerous. You need a Mac computer for using iMessage on Android as there is only one company available who has proposed a solution of how to get iMessage on Android.

Why iMessage doesn’t Work on Android

Why iMessage doesn’t Work on Android

Apple users must be familiar to the fact that iDevices have safe security systems. The reason behind the why iMessage cannot work on Android is that Apple follows a unique end-to-end encryption system in iMessage. This encryption system can secure your content, messages and other stuff from the device they are being sent on, by using the device receiving them.

iMessage on Android is forbidden because the messages are encrypted and only those devices can have access to the iMessage network that knows the secret of decrypting the code. All the amazing effects and features including iMessage are kept exclusively reserved for the iOS and Mac OS devices by Apple. It is because Apple wants their users to buy their unique products. This is the main reason that there is no iMessage for Android app on the Google Play Store. Actually, this is also the reason to some extent behind not been able to use iMessage on PC.

There is only one way which can be used to make a solution of the how to get iMessage on Android, and that is called weMessage.

How to Get iMessage on Android with weMessage:

How to Get iMessage on Android with weMessage

Like there is an alternative for the iMessage for Windows, you can approach iMessage for Android as well. There is not any exploit in the code of Apple and weMessage never depends on it to get iMessage on Android. In its place, weMessage sets up a server on your Mac which allows you to send and receive messages.

You might not able to experience all the latest notifications from the Apple by using this app, but it covers up almost all the necessary stuff for sure. You can deal with one-on-one conversations and chats in groups, attachments, create special iMessage effects, and even support Read Receipts. As Apple users enjoy the encrypted conversations, weMessage is offering encrypted chat, so now Android users can also chat privately.

Note: Your old iMessages cannot be recovered by weMessage, so there is no chance that you will be able to see them in-app. But don’t hassle because your new conversations will be there for you.

Requirements to Use weMessage:

When you want to get iMessage on Android by using weMessage, you have to fulfill some requirements, such as;

  • An iMessage account is needed that can be possibly your present Apple ID.
  • A Mac running Mac OS 10.10 or higher, is required for using weMessage. Your Mac has to run a program for using weMessage to get iMessage for Android.
  • Java 7 or higher is required to install on your Mac.
  • The amazing weMessage app should be installed on your Android phone.
  • Java 7 or higher is also required to be installed on your Mac.

How to Set Up weMessage to Get iMessage for Android:

You can chat with your friends and family through iMessage of Apple by using weMessage. In order to use this app, you must have a Mac with iMessage account. weMessage is attractively smart application which enables you to manage the security of Apple for iMessage. You have to be strong enough because setting it up is really not for the technological learners. There are lots of paces available on the streamline which are more complex than most of the other programs. Only serious users will get this pain to access iMessage on Android.

  • Java must be installed on your Mac so that you can weMessage. You can check it by navigating to Applications and then Utilities.
  • After that launching, the Terminal app is required to pre-installed on your Mac. You can type java, and then click on the return button.
  • When you are getting an error it is because you don’t have Java. You will not see an error when you got it.
  • Before you start installing process of weMessage on Android phone, first of all, you have to install and set up the weServer software of the company on your Mac.
  • For this reason, you have to install the Java SE Development Kit and after that, you have to modify your System Preference to provide the server Terminal rights.
  • When done with that, now you need to download weServer and then open the ZIP file. In the next step, you have to find the “run.command” file, and in order to launch the weServer double click on it.
  • In the next step, you have to enable some feature of Accessibility on your Mac. In the System Preferences, you will see the Security & Privacy screen, and click on the Privacy tab and then tap on the Accessibility.
  • The program will ask for your iMessage email, once it is opened. Always make sure that you are using the same email that is connected to your official iMessage account, but keep in mind that you enter a new password for security.
  • Well, it is out of the way, but you can install weMessage on your Android device.
  • Once it is all set you will be required to enter the IP address of your Mac, with the email and password that you have used on your computer.
  • Soon you will see that all of your contacts are visible in the app automatically, and you are ready to enjoy the experience of iMessage on Android.

iMessage for Android can be a bit hard to get for you. But you can actually accomplish this goal successfully.  You can send a text message in a typical way, and if you want to test it you can send a text to an iPhone user. If your message is in the blue iMessage bubble, then you are successful.

A Little More: This is not the end of the procedure, because the instructions work only when your Wi-Fi networks are similar for the Android device and the Mac. You can set up Port Forwarding when you want your Android to use iMessage wherever you are.

Once your Port Forwarding is done, you can test the set up by turning off the Wi-Fi on your Android device, and when you need to send a text to someone using iMessage.

How Long Will it Last?

Well, that is really an important point for the users of weMessage. As you know that Apple never wants the other users to approach their services, so they might have a quick update in their software. In this way, people who find solutions for using iMessage on Android has to research again. Just because of the updates in the software will definitely exterminate the weMessage app.

The owner of this app Roman Scott says that he will keep on finding ways for Apple services as long as possible. As weMessage app has been used for over a month, and Apple is already dealing with it. But the developer of the weMessage may find a way to keep it running if Apple tries to destroy it.

That’s all! Enjoy iMessage for Android and also you must share your feedback and experience with iMessage for Android by using different third-party apps.