iMessage for Windows – How to Download and Install

iMessage for Windows

There is a huge variety of people who are extremely searching the iMessage for Windows, instead of knowing that they are not capable of using iMessage for windows. iMessage is used by iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices. Apple has recently added some unique and mind-blowing features in iMessage. People want to experience the iMessage on Windows 10 and keep on searching for the methods to use iMessage for Windows.

iMessage is entirely rich with exciting and smart features such as digital Touch, sharing of emoji, Stickers, Gifs, peer-to-peer money transferring, and the most unique feature is the safety of the content. iPhone users are luckily enjoying the cream of freshly made the best features of the iMessage. Sorry to say, but iMessage for Windows is a complex process and you can never simply put it on the track. it is a fact that most of the people who don’t have Mac or iPhone but still they tend to search for iMessage on PC and iMessage for android as well.

Without any doubt, we can say, that iMessage is the best service provided by Apple. Because it has the most amazing features which make it the greatest service. People who are desperately looking for iMessage on Windows 10 will be really happy when they read that now they can approach the iMessage for Windows with some indirect methods.

Most of the people are making fun with different apps used by Android devices such as Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and lots more. But still, iMessage has the huge fan following. You can smash the string by using some of the most useful tricks and tips are given in this thread.

Warning: iMessage can never be used directly for the Windows because Apple has not released any official software or application to manage the iMessage for Windows. If you see any Direct link that has power over the iMessage for Windows is always a fake attraction. Just avoid it.

Apple has reserved the iMessage service for iOS users only and technically there is no officially authorized way to break the codes of iMessage for Windows. Well, you should always keep in mind that you can never get any Direct way that leads you towards iMessage on Windows 10. So, if you ever found any Direct method which shows the direction of iMessage for Windows.

You are not required to distress yourself because there is no direct way to get access on iMessage for Windows, but you can indirectly use iMessage on Windows 10. Yes, it is really a great news for the people who want to enjoy the features of iMessage on Windows 10. Actually, you can use this iOS devices service by using a third-party source. These third-party sources include Chrome Remote Desktop, iPadian, and Cydia.

Keep in mind that iMessage is never made for any device other than iDevice. But yes iMessage on PC is available by using third-party sources, such as Chrome Remote Desktop, iPadian, and Cydia. These are some of the major tracks you can use in order to get iMessage on PC.

Method # 1: Set up iMessage for Windows with iPadian

use iMessage for Windows with iPadian

You want to use iMessage on your Windows when you don’t have Mac. Well, there is also another way for you. You can still fulfill your desire of using iMessage on Windows 10, simply by downloading the iPadian on your Windows.

iPadian is used as an emulator which produces a virtual iOS ecosystem on your Windows. This third-party software allows you to install the most popular messages of Apple on your Windows.

Note: iPadian is an iPad simulator, and you can transform your Windows PC and run iOS apps. iPad simulator never executes every time. In addition, your computer will be overflow with malware. So, it is suggested to try it at your own risk.

Step 1: You have to download the iPadian emulator from the official website and complete the installation process just like other applications of Windows.

Step 2: Install the .exe file on your PC.

Step 3: After completing the installation process you have to Launch the iPadian software on your computer.

Step 4: Go to the search bar and look for the iMessage.

Step 5: Download the Messages app on your computer.

iPadian find the app itself and can simply launch it. Finally, you can enjoy the iMessage for Windows, but keep in mind that it is not perfect and may omit security.

Watch the Video Below to get the better idea on how to use iMessage on Windows.

Method # 2: How to use iMessage on Windows with Cydia

How use iMessage on Windows with Cydia

You will find this second approach to iMessage for Windows as more complicated than the first one but it is really more useful. In this method jailbreaking of your iOS device is involved and you need to install an app called Cydia. Actually, this app is used as a jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch just because it is a directory of applications.

The only other way to approach iMessage for Windows 10 on a browser is jailbreaking your iPhone. Jailbreaking might be confusing you, it is basically substituted of the original iOS with another operating system which has more flexibility.

Jailbreaking allows you the kind of customization that Android users are already familiar to. It also enables you to use iMessage from anywhere on the internet. You also can restore the factory settings of your iPhone later.

Advise Note: To be honest, it is not recommended by us to the most of iPhone users to jailbreak their iDevices. Because jailbreaking can cancel your warranty automatically at any time, and also your further purchasing of AppleCare+.

iMessage for Windows can be risky at times because there is always a risk of blocking your iDevice with running into lots of bugs, and high-security violation risks. So, try this procedure at your own risk.

Before starting the jailbreaking process, you should have backups of your iDevice in cloud-based and any other local place.

How to go for Jailbreaking with Cydia

Finally, when you are ready to take risk of jailbreaking your iPhone, let’s get started!

Jailbreaking iPhone has an easy approach to Cydia, which is used as an alternative for jailbroken iDevices to Apple’s App Store. You can install Cydia on your iPhone by using the jailbreaking tool such as Pangu, TaiG, and others because Cydia cannot be accessible in the app store.

iMessage on Windows 10 is not that easy thing. You can even download different apps forbidden recently by Apple. You can customize your lock screen, control center, setting up own default apps, an addition of Touch ID for older devices, and also can create shortcuts and more adjustments into the User Interface. Jailbreaking allows you to access iMessage for Windows and even every kind of device.

You have to download the jailbreak software in your computer, Windows and Mac. Complete the installation process by following all the step guides. Search the Cydia icon, once you have completed the installation of jailbreak OS. If you don’t see it, you have to download it. Cydia itself is not an app, it is a jailbroken app store.

You have to purchase Remote Messages app, which enables every device and Window computers and make iMessage available for you online. You will get to know each and every step while using this app, and authentication testimonials are required by you. Add the IP address of your iPhone on the 333 browsers and log in for full access.

Method # 3: Chrome Remote Desktop

How to use iMessage on Windows with Chrome Remote Desktop

People must be thinking that Apple might have an online browser-based service for iMessage on Windows 10, but unfortunately, there is not a single service to get iMessage for Windows online.

However, it is indirect but the simplest way to access iMessage on Windows 10 or Linux computer. It is by using the Chrome Remote Desktop. You can use the Chrome Remote Desktop features which can link your Apple computer to your Windows or Linux computer.

The most common and logical reason for restricting the service of iMessage to the users other than iOS devices is that Apple wants to keep its services and features limited to its users only.

For this purpose, you have to install the Chrome Remote Desktop extension on the devices that you want to make a connection between each other and go through a simplest and easy to understand the course of action.

At the first level, you need to have a Mac computer to set things up, and Chrome Remote Desktop enables you to access iMessage by connecting the Windows PC with your Mac computer remotely. The major drawback of this third-party resource is that you can only use iMessage for Windows when the Mac System is online and connected to the internet.

All of your connections are secure with Chrome Remote Desktop. So, you don’t need to worry at all! Everything is done by Chrome browser.

How to Set Up Chrome Remote Desktop

  • First of all, you have to sign into Google via Chrome browser or make a new account on Google if you don’t have one.
  • Now open App Store and download the Chrome Remote Desktop App. Chrome is mandatory as a browser.
  • In order to connect iMessage for Windows you have to select the option Add App to Chrome, and if you are setting up for the first time, it might be possible that authorization requesting message appears on the screen. Don’t be anxious just click Continue if you encounter with this message.
  • The Chrome Remote Desktop App appears on the screen of your Chrome browser and you need to click on the App to connect iMessage for Windows 10.
  • Open My Computer and in the pop-up, you will see Get Started option, tap on it, and choose to Enable remote actions.
  • In order to download host installer of Chrome remote, you need to follow the on-screen instructions. Choose to Accept and Install, in the download Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer.
  • You need to save the chrome remote desktop file to your desktop, or wherever you want. Open the downloaded file.
  • Double-click on the Chrome Remote Desktop Host package and follow the instructions on the screen to install.
  • You are supposed to enter your admin password when it is required.
  • Open the Chrome Remote Desktop app again once it is successfully installed.
  • Click on the Enable remote connections.
  • You have to make a new PIN consists of at least 6 digits.
  • Keep in mind that you will require this PIN to connect from another computer so choose something which you will remember or save it by writing down somewhere to keep it safe.
  • Enter your Mac’s admin password if you were asked for it. You will get a confirmation message that appears on the screen if your connection was successfully enabled.
  • iMessage for Windows requires some more effort, as you were enlightened before starting to describe this procedure that it is not a straightforward method so you have to manage the indirect procedure until the end.
  • In order to access your Mac on another computer system, you have to open Chrome and sign in by using the same Google ID that you have used for setting up Chrome Remote Desktop.
  • iMessage on Windows 10 connection requires you to open the Chrome Remote Desktop App or on the other hand, you can type chrome://apps to find the app in the address bar.
  • Under My Computer search for the Mac, and to set up a connection double click on it.
  • Click on the Get Started if you see it and then double click on the name of the remote computer.
  • Tap on connect after you type in your PIN.
  • Once your connection is successfully made you will see Desktop of Mac.
  • You can maximize it if you want a full-screen view, and if you want to check your iMessage for Windows, click on the Message App if you see in your Port or otherwise tap on the Launchpad to find the Messages App.
  • You will most probably see your iMessage on Chrome screen.
  • When you need to stop your Mac connection, click on the Stop Sharing button which can be seen at the bottom of your screen that you have shared.
  • And if you end a session by chance and want to connect again, you should choose Reconnect by entering your PIN once again.

It might be lengthy but very useful to your craze of iMessage for Windows.

You must have definitely enjoyed this rich informative article but never ignore security breaches in order to get new experiences. Stay updated!