Here’s How to Fix iMessage Not Working on Mac Instantly

iMessage Not Working on Mac

Not only iPhone users love iMessage, but a huge number of Android users are also a fan of iMessage. It is an instant messaging service that was developed by Apple. You can simply send text messages and multimedia content to your friends and family who have iOS or Mac OS. iMessage is the best alternative to the typical SMS service. iMessage not working on Mac is the most common problem among Mac users.

iPhone has the safest sharing system, whether you are sending a text or any multimedia file. All the data stays safe just because of the strict encrypted policies of Apple. Although iMessage is an extremely user-friendly app, still some users may found troubles while setting it up. It is just because any complex software is not perfect and users may find iMessage not working on Mac. This article will guide you to put together all the problems that you may face while iMessage configuration.

Why iMessage Not Working on Mac?

Did you think about why iOS messaging problems occur? A couple of valid reasons are there that trigger the problems with iMessage. Here are a few main reasons why you need the fixes.

  • Outdated iOS: It might be possible that your iOS is not updated and facing compatibility issues. It is one of the major causes of iMessage not working on Mac problem.
  • iMessage Server Error: Other than the above issue, the iMessage server itself might be the problem. If the server of iMessage is down, you may encounter iOS message issues. If this is the reason, then other iPhone users also can face the same issue, but it will no longer exist.
  • Internet Connection Issue: Your internet might also be another reason. If your connection is not working steadily, surely you will have to go through the problems sending iMessage.
  • Not Enough Space for More Messages: Make sure that you don’t run out of memory. If you don’t have more space to add new messages, you need to delete the older messages from your device. That way, you can successfully make an adjustment for more messages.
  • Incomplete iMessage Setup: If iMessage is not properly set up, then most likely, it is the reason behind why iMessage not working on Mac. So, make sure to solve this issue and set up the iMessage once again.

How to Fix iMessage Not Working on Mac

There comes a lot of reasons that trigger a variety of issues while proceeding the smooth functioning of any device. Here are a few solutions for the users of iOS to apply and fix their iMessage not working issue.

Fix 1: Force Quit iMessage & Reopen it

Let’s start with the basic ones. If these solutions don’t work then we’ll move to the advanced ones. Follow the steps given below to execute force quit iMessage method:

  1. Choose Force Quit from the Apple menu () in the upper-left corner of your screen.
    force quite iMessage
  2. Select Messages and click Force Quit.
    force quit imessage
  3. Re-open iMessage.

Fix 2: Restart Your Mac

If the above method doesn’t work then restart your Mac to make sure that the problem is with your iMessage, not your Mac.

restart your mac

Fix 3: Make Sure iMessage is Enabled

Let’s move on to some advance solutions.

iMessage is used to send or receive messages between two users of the iPhone. And iMessage should be activated on both devices for better performance. You can sync iMessage with Mac by activating iMessage. So, the first step to fix problems with iMessage is to check whether the iMessage is activated on the iPhone or not. For this;

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Turn on the iMessage clasp at the top.imesessage not working

Note: Make sure to do it on both sending and receiving devices so that you can easily send or receive iMessage.

Fix 4: Check for Account Activation 

Without the internet, iMessage cannot be used to send and receive messages. You have to sign in with your Apple ID to use iMessage and that Apple ID must be able to send and receive messages.

For a Mac, follow the steps given below.

  1. Go to Messages > Preferences
  2. Open the iMessage tab.
  3. Enable a phone number or email address you want to use with iMessage.

imessage not working on mac

Fix 5: Remove Unwanted Chats

Possibly, the reason behind iMessage on Mac not working is some old messages that you receive or send before appearing the problem. In that case, make sure to delete the old messages and try sending iMessage on Mac. It might be possible that someone deliberately has sent a spammy message that can cause an issue.

To Delete a whole Conversation

  1. Choose a conversation.
  2. Go to File > Delete Conversation or Command+Delete keys
    imessage not working on mac
  3. Trackpads or Magic Mice users swipe left with two fingers on the chat in the sidebar and select Delete.
  4. A pop-up will appear, choose Delete again.
    imessage not working on mac

Deleting Parts of a Conversation

  1. Click on the specific text bubble you want to delete. Make sure you select the whole message bubble, not just the text in it.
  2. Press the Command+Click to add further text selections.
  3. Your selections will gray out.
  4. Control-Click or Right-Click and press Delete.
  5. If you don’t see the Delete option, you probably picked the text instead of the message bubble.
  6. Your Mac asks you to verify that you need to delete this message(s) and warns you that this step is undoable
  7. Tap Delete to confirm.
delete part of a conversation

macOS will remove all those messages you select from the Messages app on your Mac.

Fix 6: Fix Network Connectivity Problem

As conversed in the earlier fix, the network can be a reason behind iOS problems with iMessage. Possibly, you are trying to send messages via your Wi-Fi network, but it might be possible that the net seems to be down and having some issues in connectivity. Other than that, some software bugs can also be a reason that interferes with a data connection. To fix this issue, you need to follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi
  2. Turn off Wi-Fi and Restart the device.iMessage not working on Mac
  3. Once Restart, turn on Wi-Fi or Cellular Data.

Note: If you are using cellular connectivity, replace it with Wi-Fi.

Fix 7: Change Date and Time Settings

When you have an incorrect date and time, you need to look for the answer to how to get iMessage to work. It can be due to the date, and time on the message doesn’t match with iMessage date and time. Thus, it results in problems with iMessage. So, make sure that time and date are updated by default so that you don’t have to go through any issue, or you don’t need to set date and time every time.

For Mac, follow the steps given below.

  1. Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, and click Date & Time.
    imessage not working on mac
  2. Click Date & Time, then set the date and time automatically or manually. You may need to click the lock iconthen enter an organizer name and password.
    set date and time
  3. Click Time Zone, then set the time zone automatically or manually.
    time zone
  4. Click clock

Fix 8: Update iOS

There might be compatibility problems in several devices and apps because of outdated iOS. If your device needs an iOS update, it could be the reason that your iMessage not working on Mac.

In order to fix the issue, confirm that your device has installed the latest iOS and, if not, check for new updates and install them. For Mac users, below are steps given to follow.

  1. Go to the Apple menu > System Preferences, and click Software Update to check for updates.
  2. If any updates are available, press the Update Now button and install them. Or click ”More info” to see details about every update and choose particular updates to install.
    software update
  3. When Software Update tells that your Mac is updated, the installed version of macOS and all of its apps are also updated. It includes SafariiTunes, Messages, Photos, Mail, Books, Calendar, and FaceTime.

Fix 9: Repairing iOS System May Fix

If you are unable to fix the iMessage on Mac not working issue, it could be possible that the iOS system of the device is spoiled and triggering the problem. A lot of reasons like malware or viruses, jailbreaking, or unfinished software updates can cause iPhone messenger not working. For this, you need to patch-up the iOS system, and Tenorshare ReiBoot is an iOS efficacy that helps in repairing all sorts of errors.

  1. Download and install Tenorshare ReiBoot on your Mac or Windows pc.
  2. Connect your iOS device with a computer through data cable or a USB, tap on Repair Operating System option.enter recovery mode
  3. Click on the Start Repair button.fix now
  4. Get the firmware for your device by clicking Download.
  5. Now tap “Start Repair” once again, and the procedure will once again

After completing the process, you will get a new firmware on your iPhone that will be without any iOS damages, and you will not have to face any problems regarding iMessage not working on Mac.

Wrapping up!

So, these were some of the possible reasons that can trigger iMessage not working on Mac issue. Some other reasons are also there, but you can consider the above-mentioned issue most likely.

If you know exactly how to set up iMessage on Mac then you will get lots of benefits from it. These tips will always be going to help you whenever you need it. You can also check iMessage for PC, where you will get everything regarding this niche. Now you can enjoy messaging on the bigger screen of your Mac.

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