How to fix iMessage Not Working on Mac

iMessage Not Working on Mac

Not only iPhone users love iMessage, but a huge number of Android users are also a fan of iMessage. It is an instant messaging service which was developed by Apple. You can simply send text messages and multimedia content to your friends and family who has iOS or Mac OS. iMessage is the best alternative to typical SMS service. iMessage not working on Mac is the most common problem among the Mac users.

iPhone has the safest sharing system, whether you are sending a text or any multimedia file. All the data stays safe just because of strict encrypted policies of Apple. Although iMessage is an extremely user-friendly app, still some users may found troubles while setting it up. It is just because any complex software is not perfect and users may find iMessage not working on Mac. This article will guide you to put together all the problems that you may face while iMessage configuration.

How to get iMessage on Mac

iMessage not working on Mac is not a big problem, as it can be solved easily with few steps. iMessage is a default app which is already installed on your new Macs, so you are not required to download it from App Store. New Macs also provides you with the facility of iMovie, iPhoto, GarageBand, iTunes, Safari, Notes, Game Center, Photo Booth, Time Machine, Terminal, Dictionary, Calculator, Chess, Dashboard, DVD Player, App Store, Mail, iCal, Contacts, Reminders, FaceTime, Preview, QuickTime, Stickies, and TextEdit.

if you wish to use iMessage on PC Windows, you can get the guide from here because it’s not something which comes on default with windows.

How to Setup iMessage on Mac

When you are using iMessage for the very first time, you need to sign in with your Apple ID and password. If you don’t know how to set up iMessage on Mac, use the Apple ID that you apply for iCloud, iTunes, App Store, and your Mac account. You can also add a third-party messaging service with iMessage such as Google, Yahoo, and AOL accounts. You can simply select Add Account from the Message menu to add a third-party service in iMessage. You have to choose an account provider in which you are registered.

Fix of iMessage Waiting for Activation Error 

iMessage Not Working on Mac

If you are getting any trouble while synchronizing your messages, then iMessage server might be down.

There are few simple steps to fix iMessage not working on Mac;

  • There can be some issue with settings, so just start exploring with settings to make sure that iMessage is not disabled on your Mac.

  • To check this, you need to open iMessage on your Mac and from the top menu go to the Messages, then Preference, and Accounts. Make sure that “Enable this account” is checked, or you have to click on it.
  • On the next step, you have to close the Message App and open it again. You must have to force quit the App, and in order to force quit, you can click on the Apple icon which can be seen on the top left, where you will find the Force Quit applications Menu. You can easily Force Quit Messages by clicking on it.
  • You need to check Internet connection on your Mac, and for this purpose, you can check it by using safari browser with some random website. If the page is loading slowly then there might be a problem with your internet connection.

  • When your iMessage not working on Mac is persistently bothering you then restarting your Mac will also allow all the Mac applications and processes to restart which will definitely help you out in solving problems.
  • Always check for updates if any available for your Mac. While iMessage is a built-in app so you cannot check updates for this service separately. So, you need to check for the updates or any patch available for the OS on your Mac.
  • Sign-out from your account and then sign in again. iMessage not working on Mac difficulty can be because you might have changed your password on some other device. So signing in to iMessage again might assist you this time. All of your messages will be refreshed once you sign in successfully.
  • In order to sign out, you have to go to Messages> Preferences and then Accounts. You must make it sure that iMessage is selected in the left corner. Click on the sign-out and after a few seconds sign in back.

These were some of the possible steps that can help you out to fix iMessage not working on Mac. If you know exactly how to set up iMessage on Mac then you will gain lots of benefit from it. These tips will always be going to help you whenever you need to. You can also check iMessage for PC, where you will get everything you need. Now you can enjoy messaging on the bigger screen of your Mac.

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