What is iMessage? A Complete Guide for Better Understanding

what is imessage

Communication has been made easier between two different people living in two different places due to the evolution of technology. Technology gave birth to many different ways of communication. In the past, there was no hope of contacting people living far away at some distance. From the old times of the Kings, letters and parcels have been considered the most convenient manner to send the message to anyone.

Nowadays, postcards or letters are not the main streams. This is the era of high technology. People use Mobile phones to communicate with each other. You can sit at your home while your friend is in another town or state or even another country, you can contact him/her through your phone.

Tip: There are lots of tricks for iMessage on PC, but in the below tricks, you must have an iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer. iMessage is a service, which is fortunately grouped into OSX and iOS. When you own a single Apple product you have an account, so always keep in mind that you must have activated iMessage on one of those iDevices to work iMessage on PC.

At the current time, usage of text messaging has been lowered down. Text messages’ place has been taken over by different messaging apps available for all the operating systems such as Android, Windows, and iOS. Many messaging applications are available on the Play Store and App Store of Android and iOS respectively. These messaging apps allow you to send messages, images, videos, GIFs, and important files.

If we talk about the iOS devices, the default messaging app available for the Apple users with iOS 5 or above is iMessage. iMessage is an instant messaging service developed by Apple Inc, exclusively for its iOS users. This iMessage was introduced in the software of iOS back in 2011. iMessage facility is of great use because it has a lot of features that are helpful in so many different ways.

What is iMessage? What’s make it different?

what is iMessage
What is iMessage

iMessage is a built-in service that is present in Apple and can be defined as instant messaging (IM) service. iMessage users can send texts, images, videos, sound, and location directly and easily to their friends and family who are using iMessage on their iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch. iMessage in iOS 10 has really amazing and important updates made by Apple, which includes different screen effects, bubbles, stickers, emoji tap backs, Digital Touch, handwriting, and iMessage apps.

iMessage is better because it has distinctive features and you can text through Wifi if you are using iPhone, iPad, and Mac. When you want to send a text to someone who is not using iMessage or has not enabled iMessage yet than your message will be shown as a normal SMS. Actually, this thing can deduct your balance as you are not using another medium. But when you need to send a text to someone who is using iMessage then it will be shown as iMessage text and this time you will not be charged for texting as you were using interwebs.

What’s the Difference between iMessage and a Text Message?

iMessage and a text message, both are used to send different kinds of messages, including text or images to your contacts. However, they are not the equivalent thing.

Below you can see major differences between iMessage and Text:

what is iMessage

  • iMessages are in Blue

Blue bubbles are a sign of iMessages on your iPhone, whereas text messages are in green color. Well, this is only to clarify iMessage vs text, as there are more things going behind the scene.

  • Internet is Needed for iMessages

The key difference among iMessages and text messages is how do they send a file. Your mobile connection is used for text messages that transfer from a mobile tower to the mobile tower. In the meantime, iMessages transmit data with the help of the internet. So, make sure that you have Wi-Fi or at least cellular data to deliver an iMessage, but sending a text message only needs cell reception.

With Wi-Fi, iMessage is totally free. Otherwise, you have to bear your data consumption. Nowadays, almost every place has Wi-Fi, including work, home, or even on the trains. Apart from that, 3G and 4G networks are everywhere, filling the gaps. It means that your iPhone would always have an active connection to send iMessage.

Unfortunately, there are still some places with bad cellular connections and without Wi-Fi. iPhone users get stuck and cannot deliver or get iMessages at that place, but if you have any cell reception, you can easily send a text.

  • iMessages are Only for Apple Users

No one can deny this fact that iMessage is compatible with Apple devices only. It means that you cannot send or receive an iMessage to your Android. Blue-bubbled texts are only for Apple users.

On the other side, you don’t have to do anything special to send a message to anyone when you don’t have Apple products.

Difference Between SMS and MMS 

In the conversation of iMessage vs text messages, you may have got something about SMS and MMS. Both of these terms are two different kinds of typical text messages that you can send.

SMS is the abbreviation of Short Message Service, which is routine texts you send in the form of simple letters and signs or maybe sometimes emojis. Usually, these short messages are included in your cell agreement, with each SMS with up to 160 characters.

On the other hand, MMS is the short form of Multimedia Message Service, and it lets you send images and voice notes instead of text. Normally, you may charge more for sending MMS.

what is imessage

Benefits of iMessage over Text Messages

You are aware of the main differences between text messages and iMessages. Now, you must want to recognize the reason behind why would someone prefer using the one over others?

What are the key benefits of iMessage in relation to text messages? Luckily, users have flexibility in sending messages with the internet; iMessage is enriched with a load of features you don’t have with text messages. Here is a list of main benefits.

  • End-to-End Encryption

To the Apple company, privacy is always the top priority; this is the reason why everything is encoded from end-to-end that you send with iMessage. It means that nobody can seize or read your messages except the one you send it to, with Apple.

People cannot force themselves into iMessages if they have your iDevice. Without your password, your device is useless. Flack has been taken from the government for security reasons as they cannot expose iMessages even with government address.

  • Read Receipts and Live Typing

With iMessage, you can see when people receive and seen your messages. When the receiver gets your message, it shows Delivered in small print under the message bubble. Once your message is opened, the small print turned into Reading along with the time following it.

Furthermore, three blinking dots will appear when someone starts comprising a text to you. So, you know that a message is being typed.

  • Add Effects and Stickers

More and more features are kept on adding to iMessage by Apple. Now, iPhone users can send messages with different effects to highlight what you have to say. Or you can reply fast by adding bubbles with a sticker.

what is iMessage

  • Sync Messages Across Devices

With current iOS updates, you can also do this with text messages easily. But for its proper functioning, you require Apple devices. The Messages app syncs all the changes to other iDevices, as you deliver, get, or delete messages on your iPhone.

You have to turn on Text Message Forwarding to use it with messages from your iPhone Settings. But keep in mind that it does not work as smoothly with text as it can with iMessage.

  • Send More Stuff on iMessage

You can deliver a huge variety of data with iMessage as it uses the internet. iMessage is much improved than text messages, and it is because you are not restricted to 160 characters only with a blurry photo. With prompt messaging service of Apple, you can send any of the following things:

  • Links
  • GIFs
  • Photos
  • Documents
  • Locations
  • Memoji animations
  • Voice recordings and much more

Is iMessage Safe?

is iMessage Safe

Every iPhone user must be eagerly waiting for the confirmation of iMessage safety. So, yes, iMessage is an entirely safe service as compare to others. As you have read about the cost issues that any iPhone user has to face while using iMessage, it allows you to send messages through WiFi as compared to SMS. The plus point of this amazing service is that each message or data you have been sharing is encrypted. Only you and the receiver can have access to the messaging content, that’s why you are not required to worry about your data. It is not like the standard text message which can be read by anyone who captures it.

You can be in touch with your friends and family who are Android users with the same app on your iPhone because iMessage has SMS and MMS side by side. You can even enjoy the “green bubbles” on iPad and Mac, with the help of connection stability. Everybody on the iPhone will surely enjoy the incredible and unique experience with this service.

iMessage Features:

iMessage features

iMessage comes with many different features in iOS devices. It is supported by the message application in iOS 5 and later.

Multimedia Options: The basic feature of iMessage on PC/Windows and Android is that it allows the users to send texts, images, videos, documents and gif images to the other iOS or Mac users with the help of an Internet connection or WiFi access. iMessage on PC/Windows and Android has simply taken over the traditional SMS/MMS service facility.

Provides Backup: iMessage on PC/Windows and Android allows you to link your messages with an email. This saves your messages in an online drive which provides you access to these messages and conversations as a backup in case you require it.

Easy Layout: The outline of this app is impressive. There is a proper distinction between the messages of the sender and the receiver. Messages sent by a person are shown on the right side of the screen whereas the messages sender receives are displayed on the left side of the screen.

Delivery Receipts: iMessage on PC/Windows and Android also allows the users to track their messages using delivery receipts.

Privacy Protected: All the messages sent through iMessage are fully encrypted and have no leakage of privacy.

Provides Alternative: When a proper network connection is not available, iMessage on PC/Windows and Android allows the users to use the default SMS messaging services to send the texts. Thus, iMessage provides an alternative option to pass on your messages and keep the communication between two persons alive.

Group Chat: iMessage on PC/Windows and Android also has a feature of making a group chat. Group chat means a chat between more than two persons. In a group chat, you can add as many people as you can who are ready to send messages, images, videos, and other stuff to a bunch of people at the same time.

So, now you understand what is iMessage and how beneficial it is for iPhone users. Its great features attract the users of Android and PC. It is recommended not to indulge in some activity, which is not safe.

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